Trefoil Meadows

Welcome to our organic farm in Monmouthshire

In our little slice of Welsh countryside, we have been organic for over 30 years.  But in order to boost our decimated British wildlife, we want to do more.  At Trefoil Meadows, we are committed to farm not just for food, but also for wildlife.


Farming for Wildlife

Thirty years of environmental stewardship has gifted the farm with maturing woodland and wildflower rich meadows.  But we can do more, not just to conserve these habitats, but to create opportunities to increase biodiversity.  The key architect of our plan, the animal that can drive this positive change in our landscape is not us, but cattle. Find out more about the way we farm.

organic free range grass fed beef monmou
organic free range grass fed beef monmou
organic free range grass fed beef trefoi

Frozen Grass-fed Beef Boxes

Click here to see what is available for purchase now. We seal-pack all our joints, steaks and mince before freezing to ensure they store well.

Fresh Grass-fed Beef Boxes

By farming to create biodiversity, we will only have fresh beef boxes available when there is a surplus that starts to tip the balance on the farm, usually in the early summer and late autumn. If you'd like to know when fresh beef is available, please sign up to our mailing list and we'll be in touch.

Stay with us

Its not just wildlife that can roam the farm.  We have a small holiday let at one end of our farmhouse available throughout the year, and rough camping during the May half term and summer holidays.


Trefoil Meadows

Cefn Maen, Usk Road, Raglan, Monmouthshire  NP15 2HR

01291 691988

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