Grass-fed Organic Dexter Beef

Dexter beef is renown for its flavour and the marbling of its meat, even when they're entirely grass-fed as they are at Trefoil Meadows.  All our animals are slow-grown to maturity, never fed any concentrated feed and roam the farm throughout the year grazing on pasture rich in a wide variety of grasses and wildflowers, like trefoils.

More information on the health and environmental benefits of grass-fed beef.

We have frozen beef available throughout the year, seal-packed before freezing to ensure they store well.

We've suggested some boxes below or email us what you'd like and we can pull together a selection to suit you. To order, please fill in the form below and we will send you confirmation and a payment link within 24 hours.

Our meat supply is driven by our environmental stewardship of the farm.  So fresh beef is only available when we have a surplus that starts to upset the push and pull of creating biodiversity.  This is usually at the start of the summer months and late autumn.  Please join our mailing list if you'd like us to be in touch when we have fresh meat coming up for sale.

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The Stockpile


To fill a freezer drawer, our biggest beef box contains one roasting joint, a couple slow roasting joints and a brisket, two of each sirloin, rump and fillet steaks, braising steak, stewing steak and mince.  (£153 delivered)

The Quickie


Short on time?  This box is full of quick cooking steaks and mince.  A couple fillet, sirloin and rump steaks.  Four minute steaks perfect for stir-frying or the ultimate steak sandwich. Plus a couple packets of mince. (£78 delivered)

The Weekender


Something for the weekend, with a roasting joint, a slow roasting joint, stewing steak and mince. (£73 delivered)

The Slow Flow


Slow cooking meat, for long and low cooking, with a brisket joint, braising and stewing steak, shin and mince. (£63 delivered)

The Letterbox


A little treat through your door, a couple of sirloin steaks posted through your letterbox. (price includes delivery)

The Goldilocks


If these boxes are too big or too small, too much steak or not enough mince, let us know what you'd like and hopefully we can get it just right.


Order Form

Let us know which beef box you'd like to order, if you need it couriered to you or to arrange collection from the farm. We will confirm your order and send a payment link within a day.  For delivery costs, see the information about each box.


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