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Pasture-fed Dexter Beef

Our herd of Dexter cattle are our custodians, helping to maintain diverse habitats and playing a vital role in the living ecosystem of the farm. Entirely fed on pasture and always roaming the farm, this not only keeps the herd healthy but also means the beef we produce is carbon negative (independently audited 2022). The health benefits to us of grass fed beef are also numerous, from CLAs to the balance of omega acids find out more here.

We also hang our beef for about three weeks, which intensifies the flavour and improves texture. This process of dry-aging also helps keep our beef to store well in the freezer. 

Pick from the below boxes or choose your ideal beef box. Our beef guide lists the joints and cuts available. Currently all our beef is frozen, but if you'd like to be on our mailing list to find out when fresh beef is ready please send us an email or fill in the form below.

Fresh Beef Coming Shortly - ready to pick up Friday/Sat/Sun 8/9/10 March 2024

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Pasture fed Dexter Beef Boxes

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The Hunter


Premium box of steaks, including Tomahawk Steak, Flank/Skirt, Thor's Hammer, Sirloin and Rump as well as a Topside roasting joint and lots of mince.

Click on the order button for more details.

The Family


To cater for family meals with lots of mince, a couple of Sunday roasting joints and the occasional date night steak night.

Click on the order button for more details. 

The Butcher's Choice


A little bit of everything from a couple of roasting joints to Brisket, mince and steaks.

Click on the order button for more details.

Beef Boxes: Products
Beef Boxes: Products

Order Form

Please let us know what you'd like to order or if you have any questions about ordering our beef.  If we don't have what you're after, then we can let you know when we'll have more, or we can pull together some different cuts to make up your own beef box.

Thanks, we'll get back to you shortly.

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