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Meet the Team

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Head of Security

Alpacas are not native to our shores, but they do provide a natural defence against foxes.  All our woodland, our wooded pastures, long grasses and hedgerows provide foxes with the perfect home. Our team of alpacas ensure our poultry and young lambs are well protected, without the use of lethal force.


Head of Logistics

Our sheepdog herds everything from sheep to poultry, cattle to children. (Not really the children.) But she is brilliant at moving animals, and things, around the farm.  While she's alright working with cattle, she really excels at fetching sticks.  If only that was more useful to us.


Head of Pest Control

We try not to let on, but Lottie isn't brilliant at her job.  She's less of a mouser, more of a lap warmer.  In fact if she could write her own job description it would probably say well-fed hot water bottle, must be kept indoors at all times.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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Juliet Holt-Wilson

I work alongside our brilliant team of animals, doing the day to day jobs on the farm.  Full disclosure, this picture was taken before homeschooling turned my hair a little greyer.

Tom Holt-Wilson

Tom excels in making management decisions, as well as firewood production. He is usually assisted by Dilly, our springer spaniel.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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